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FMO "Ukus", a footwear factory, was founded in 1946 as a craft union for the production of men's leather shoes. In many ways, the traditional way of making shoes was kept to this day, resulting a high quality hand made shoe. The factory is specialized in producing men's dress shoes with a leather sole. Our way of production the leather sole shoe is unique in the region.

Shoes produced in our factory have distinctive design and quality backed by a team of designers. Our shoes are known under the brand names "Ukus", "P&J", "MODA UOMO" and "Zdenka".

For the outstanding shoe design of our designers, the factory received a line of awards, out of which the most known ones are 13 gold and silver statues of "KoŇ°uta" awarded at the Belgrade fair, as well as the "Zlatni krug 1300"(the Golden circle) of Chamber of Comerce of Serbia and the recognition as the best company in Serbia for the year 1998.

Over the years, FMO "Ukus" provided shoes for the Yugoslav military officers and also exported shoes to the ex USSR countries. Currently 70% of our production is being exported to Russian Federation, F.Y.R.O.M, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.